28 Şubat 2017 Salı

“The competition of secure use of internet” will be held for the students and teachers in order to educate the children about the privacy in internet and contribute to educate children and teenagers about the secure use of internet. The project aims to raise awareness about children and teenagers’ encountering unwanted situation and informing their families about this undesirable situation and to contribute to the psychological and social development of our children and teenagers.

The internet, which has become a necessity in the modern age, has taken place in all of our lives. Internet is a popular platform for communication, creativity, entertainment, business, shopping, especially education. We live in an age when the use of the Internet is necessary. We cannot think of a life when internet has not existed. The competition of secure use of internet will be held with the main theme of “We should explain how to use internet, both to get what we need and to use it without creating an unwanted situation for us.” The competition of secure use of internet aims to create an international platform in order for our teenagers to contribute to the internet technology. The competition, based on online participation will be open to the participation of the citizens of the world benefiting from the advantages of the internet technology.Students and teachers both national and international will participate in the competition being held with theme of “Are our young people safe on the internet?”. The contestants will participate in the contest with their paintings and essays. Applications: The participation will be through the websites www.uzeyad.org and www.guvenlinternet.com between 1 February 2017 – 31 December 2017 Owners of the works will be able to participate in the contest by uploading their works and projects to the appropriate categories with online participation. The application must be accompanied by the signature of the owner of the work, along with the name and surname, the e-mail address, and the Application and Information Forms on the website. Works must be in CMYK color system, jpg or pdf format, 300 dpi resolution. Any compression program such as ZIP or RAR should not be used. Gmail accounts can import files up to 10 MB. Application forms (Student Application Form, Parent Approval Form, and Teacher Application Form) that must be filled with the works must be complete and accurate. In case of missing or incorrect information, the work (s) lose the right to compete. Applicants' names and surnames will be announced at the daily updated contest website. All works participating in the competition will be examined technically from the preliminary evaluation. The ones which completed the preliminary evaluation process will be finalized by an international jury after a period of implementation of internet based solutions such as teleconference and / or video link. The contest jury and the award ceremony details will be determined later.In all categories, the results of the competition will be announced on the National Sovereignty and Children's Day on April 23, 2018 through http://www.uzeyad.org and www.guvenlinternet.com

For more Information : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2dJI8YOBCsmZzZRZERSczIzdFE

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