24 Ocak 2018 Çarşamba

The International Art Contest Titled "Colors of The World"

INTRODUCTION: Since 1997, Tarsus Health Education Foundation Elementary School operates on an academic approach characterized by raising individuals who are committed to Atatürk principles, progressive, internalizing national and universal values, sensitive to the national and global issues, and who are ready for life beyond elementary school. As part of the 20th Anniversary Activities, an international art contest titled ’’COLORS OF THE WORLD" was planned.


The goals of the international art contest "COLORS OF THE WORLD”:

o improving student skills of sharing with children from other racial and ethnic groups and languages, improve their tolerance and help contribute to world peace, o contributing to the personal development of students, to develop an aesthetic sense and appreciation,

o creating a language of arts between Turkish and world children,

o provide a forum to students for exhibiting emotions and thoughts through visual arts activities, and developing an appreciation of sharing outputs with their community, o contributing to the development of extracurricular artistic pursuits and aesthetic values, o helping develop tolerance, critical thinking, respect for others, applying learning to daily-life, self-expression, transferring producers to future generations.

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